Beach Bodys eco gym


Personalised mirror with logo
revolving mirror
Revolving bamboo mirror
Personalised brass disc logo on all weights
Bench press/squat rack safety pins
Bamboo high outdoor lamps
Ironwood barbells-10,20,30,40 kg and rack
Ironwood(Ulin) dumbbells-2.5 kg-20 kg
Built in water shower
Lat pull-down seat with sandbag weight
Water fountain with pump/hose
Marine grade pulleys x12
Marine grade pulleys x12
Cable crossover connections
Incline bench x2
Cable weights and foot safety cage
Ceiling LED uplights
Central bamboo ceiling light
Weight discs2
Weight discs
Ratten sled
Cable weights
Squat/ bench discs
Bamboo planters x4
Dumbbells/barbells Alang Alang roof
Dumbbell rack
personalised backlit light
Personalised backlit light
Incline sit-up bench
Incline sit-up bench

Frequency and Question

Alang Alang( as seen in to opening photos),Bamboo tiles,- or no roof but this option does not suit bamboo due to weathering- so wood would be needed

Either local sand- ( as many countries won’t allow this to be imported), or artificial grass

It helps if even as the structure needs to be stable- but you can dig cement foundations to even this up and to protect against strong winds,etc.

No- as this is classed as a moveable gazebo.

Dhis depends on the country- we export from Indonesia and once it arrives at your shipping port then taxes are decided by them.We will assist you in getting this fee calculated from our export agents.

Yes, you can calculate the arrival time in your country.

No,  it’s DIY- but depending on the size/roof structure- you will need at least 3 workers to assemble with ladders,etc.

No, as each of the 4 or more roof patroons will weigh too much-260 kg each- so the larger gym roofs( as seen on opening slide) needs to be put together on site- either by your local roofers or our expert team( at your additional expense).

Any size from ,3×2 m,3x3m,4x3m- anything larger needs to be roofed on site but can be as large as a football field to cater for multi nationals,etc.

Yes,  as the first thing we do is order your wood to your own weights requirements etc- and hand engrave your name/business logo into your own signature gym- so this wood/bamboo cannot be used by another group if you don’t fullfill your original order.

As much as possible at time of cutting- but weather conditions/drying,etc can change this.

Yes, as an export requirement before shipping all goods will be treated for termites,etc. You will be responsible for treating/protecting the gym once arrived.

No, as most of the gyms are situated in nature- we have no control over animals/pests/climate,etc.

We recommend if you have the space-2/3 m- as it embraces the sled pull/tyre flip/group training, etc