Beach Bodys eco gym

About Us

At our outdoor bamboo and wooden gym, we’ve redefined the fitness experience. We believe in the harmony of health and nature, offering you a unique space to exercise and connect with the environment. Here’s what makes our eco gym concept special:

Sustainability First

Our gym is constructed primarily from bamboo and sustainable wood sources. We take pride in using materials that leave a minimal ecological footprint, ensuring that your fitness journey aligns with the preservation of our natural resources.

Immersive Workouts

Get ready to break a sweat in a natural oasis. Whether you’re into cardio, strength training, or yoga, our outdoor gym equipment is designed to immerse you in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

Breath of Fresh Air

Say goodbye to the stale indoor gym aroma and embrace sunlight,fresh air and the freedom of training outdoors

Sun-Kissed Fitness

Embrace the sun’s energy as you work out. Our gym is designed to maximize exposure to natural light, giving you a boost of vitamin D while you exercise.

Nature's Gym

Experience the challenges and rewards of working out in a natural environment

Eco-Conscious Community

Join a community that shares your passion for fitness and sustainability.

Green Recovery

Beachbody’s Eco Gym,s bamboo constuction actively contributes to a massive 12,500 tonnes of carbon negative captured to date, making every gym built an active contributor to this number!
All of those involved in Carbon negative sustainability not only reduce carbon emissions but also remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is produced. This approach helps combat climate change by actively contributing to a net reduction in atmospheric carbon.

A Holistic Approach

At our eco gym, we believe that fitness extends beyond physical health. It’s about mind, body, and spirit. Our sustainable approach ensures you’re nurturing all three.

Join us in this movement towards a healthier you and a healthier planet. At our outdoor bamboo and wooden gym, you’ll not only transform your body but also contribute to the transformation of our world. Start your journey today, and together, we’ll sweat, smile, and sustain the planet.

About the Founder

The creator of Beachbodys Eco Gym began his career as a strength and conditioning coach in Australia training the Melbourne Demons in Australian Rules Football after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.
He continued his coaching with international athletes in the USA and UK until 2020. At this time, he developed an outdoor concept of eco friendly wooden/bamboo weigths equipment sourced in a local farm using discarded trees.
This innovative training method led to the realisation that working out in a natural light environment was far more pleasant and stimulating than the stereotypical scenario of:

  • Aircon versus wind
  • Crowded changerooms versus outdoor showers and water misters
  • Tvs versus birds, trees, sun light and stars
  • Shirt, shorts and footwear versus bikinis, board shorts and barefoot
  • Rubberized flooring versus grass and sand

Founder’s Coaching Background

  • Australian Rules Football – Melbourne Demons
  • American football – San Diego Chargers,LA / St.Louis Rams
  • Rugby Union – players from Australia, NewZealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Canada
  • Olympic Games – athletes in
    • 1988 Seoul – athletics 800 m
    • 1992 Barcelona – fencing
    • 1996 Atlanta – 100 m sprint
    • 2000 Sydney swimming, 800 m athletics
    • 2004 Athens – 10000 m
  • Formula 1 racing drivers – world champion
  • Successful climbers to Everest, Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn
  • Successful South Pole trekkers
  • World no 2 squash player
  • England no 1 tennis player
  • England hockey players
  • Australian cricket players
  • English cricket team program
  • Numerous marathon runners
  • Marathon de Sable and Grand to Grand finishers
  • English Channel swimmers
  • Iditarod Alaska dog sled
  • International triathletes
  • Uk soccer team
  • Numerous multi – national business CEO,s
  • Tv Celebrites 


To create a healthier and more sustainable future by revolutionizing the fitness industry through the development and promotion of eco-friendly gym practices.


Our mission is to provide a cutting-edge fitness experience that minimizes environmental impact. We aim to achieve this by implementing energy-efficient equipment, utilizing eco-friendly building materials, and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. Through innovation and education, we strive to inspire our community to adopt a healthier lifestyle while contributing to the well-being of the planet.