Beach Bodys eco gym

Beach Body's Eco Gym

Where Fitness Meets Sustainability!

At our outdoor bamboo and wooden gym, we’ve redefined the fitness experience. We believe in the harmony of health and nature, offering you a unique space to exercise and connect with the environment.

Beachbody’s Eco Gym has evolved to build and deliver internationally your own custumised training facility, whether it be for your Beach Resort, Hotel Chain, Holiday House/Villa, Superyacht or simply your Home Garden.

Family Friendly

You will no longer have to divide parental responsibility or look for a kid’s club so you can both train and stay healthy whilst on a holiday. Beachbody’s Eco Gym is designed to include all the family. Your kids can act as the resistance for your training which will not only be a fantastic bonding experience but fun for all the family.

Group Training

Train with your friends/fitness partners and like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere


Every piece of wood has been procured from sustainable sources.
Our woods : Ironwood, Teak, Mahogany have all originated from fallen trees and driftwood and crafted in Indonesia.

Why order from us ?

Promoting Health

Promoting healthy options to family, guests and workers.

Your Own Brand

We will customize the equipment with your logo. Your brand will have more visibility on social media with photogenic training images.

Unique Gym Equipment

Rather than buying a generic gym brand mass produced from metals, plastic and rubber in a factory, our equipment is hand made and engraved with your family name or your logo to designed exclusively for you.

Cost Effective

Save limited,expensive internal square meterage and use available outdoor space. This gym doesn’t require costly change rooms, lockers, showers, hand basins and toilets. The outdoor gym is free of aircons, tvs, sound systems,thus minimising your electrical bill.
A Gym is mandatory to qualify for a 5 stars hotel rating. Beachbodys Eco Gym is the least costly way to achieve the highest levels of luxury through personalized features.Design your Gym with us and tick one more guideline for approval of your star qualification.

Multi-Functional Space

The entire space can be transformed from a fully functional gym by unclipping 8 carabiner,s to an open yoga/pilates/stretch/massage/dance floor or business meeting area- making it a truly multi faceted health environment


All of our Ironwood (Ulin), one of the rarest and densest woods, comes with a certified document from the exporter in Borneo. Each piece of equipment is inspected for quality control and only then personally hand engraved by the founder to guarantee authenticity to your own work of art.

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